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02-19-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Never jumped on anybody that said PK made a mistake, that's why I specifically wrote that he made some mistakes.
I don't know it all, but for some reason you have this anger towards me.
I argued with HZ that OEL and PK were on par, that it was my own observation just as he has his own, however the advanced stats backed me up. So, I'm backing my theory up with objective facts, while the other guy is admittedly saying he's subjective as he's only basing his opinion through the eyes from his TV. Yet, I'm the one that has this ''know it all BS'' attitude and think I'm smarter. Sure..that makes sense.

Apparently this means I'm a PK homer, that I think he's God, and that he can do no harm...

For someone that is lecturing someone else on not being smarter than anyone else, you certainly aren't making a strong case for yourself. Let go of this hate, and breathe. You sound like a baby.
I never once said PK is god, or mistake free.

I said the risky play in his zone wasn't a mistake because he didn't get stopped, the pass was off, that's the mistake and this could be attributed to either PK or the receiver, would have to look at the replay. Just like MaxPac's dump before the red line isn't a mistake as it resulted in a goal. Had it been an icing however, it would have been one.
Both of those plays are just risky ones. PK got through the opponents but there was a passing mistake after, MaxPac scored a goal from before the red line.

I don't have a problem with PK taking risks, that's the way he plays. I said his timing is still off, he still needs to figure out when it's a risk worth taking or not. So I really don't understand how you got this ''PK is god'' idea...I mean really, you clearly haven't read my posts, and if you did, it certainly was selective reading.

In any event, it's not because he took a high risk play, one that you consider a mistake, that he had a bad game, which was my whole point. Arguing over semantics is useless. You think it was a mistake, I don't for a very specific reason. I apply that reason to every other NHLer, not just PK, so it's not ''homerism'' as you'd like to say.
Again, point still stands, he played a great game.
no hate here. Couldnt be more wrong. Again.

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