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02-19-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
17206 at the game last night. I was there. It was a full house. I would also say it appeared like maybe 2.5k to 3k had on Flame's gear (give or take). I know a lot of folks who winter down here from Calgary who go to Coyote games regularly and support the Coyotes except for when the Flames play. Not as many Flames jerseys as I expected. Not nearly as much as Wings, Blackhawk or Nucks jerseys when those teams come in to play.

I scratch my head why a sell out on a Monday, and next week on a Thrusday for the Wild game it appears less than 12k tickets have been sold? Attendance is a mystery for me as I do believe there are enough NHL fans in the Valley to support the team, but the proof is in the pudding and to date, that belief of mine is groundless. It would have been interesting to see, had the NHL given an ultimatium of say 12k STH's or an average attendance of over 16k, if the market would have responded. Instead, we just limped along (well the market that is - the team did its job by winning).

I will say this, I do enjoy seeing an NHL game with a full house rather than 10k fans. I will enjoy the last season of NHL hockey in Arizona. I hope the team makes the playoffs again.

And please god, send the team to QC and not Seattle. Unless expansion is a sure thing, the NHL is being stupid by not relocating the team to QC, which under the new NHL economic system, is a far more secure location than untested Seattle.
I think it's great that they are selling out now. Great for the team, fans, and media to see a full house.

HOWEVER should those prices be lifted $35-$75 would the sellouts continue?

Should the purchase incentives stop would the sellouts continue?

Not to be the bearer of bad news but both would likely be answered with a firm NO. The problem isn't the lack of fans, it's the discounts and rebates and sales the fans receive. Most NHL teams could survive on 10,000 fans every night almost no problem. In Glendale however the market won't support higher prices for the luxury of being able to watch NHL live, for the simple reason that they have become too accustomed to the current pricing for 15 years.

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