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02-19-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
This argument/discussion should be ended right now.

Look at the Habs this season. We are doing very well against the teams that are not loaded with tough guys. Yet we struggle against the Leafs, Bruins, Sabres and the Sens to a certain extent.

Why? Those above mentioned teams can play the goonish game against us because they know they can.

We need an average skilled heavy to dress specifically against those teams. The rest of the te he can entertain Kaberle in the press box.

I hope Bergevin is noticing who we are losing to and understand why so he can fix the problem.
Boston : The Habs dominated the game but couldn't finish (But yeah, Thornton was missing)
Buffalo : 10 goals for and 5 goals against isn't exactly struggling.
Sens : They have only one tough SOB in their lineup and Prust can take care of him if needed.

Then you have Toronto. But toughness isn't what beat us. Habs played a passive and uninspired game, and it was already 0-4 when Leafs started to goon it up. With a close score, Orr and McLaren wouldn't have played at all in the 3rd.

Basically, they key to victory against the NE is to work harder, not to get tougher.

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