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02-19-2013, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
Attendance doesn't matter at this point. This has been analyzed ad nauseum. Either the league brings down the price tag to $ 100 - $ 130 M range, or the team moves. All other options have been tried.
Agreed. Thej NHL has totally F***ed this up. Attendance is up - so what? Assuming for one and a half seconds that if the NHL were to think "oh, hey, maybe we can run the team another year here with whatever Glendale will give us plus this increased attendance!" - it would be a significant challenge for them to build on the ST numbers with that. On the other hand, if they had sold the team by 1/31, or sell the team (to some group that would keep it here) before the playoffs - that new owner would have a much better shot at retaining STs and grabbing new ones - assuming of course they have a lease that keeps them here at least 5 more years.

As far as selling it after the season for relocation - unless they're selling it to a Canadian market that could sell out in hours - they'd be better off selling it as soon as the Yotes play their last game here.

I'm convinced this is the last season here. I'm enjoying the games and expect the last game I go to to be the last NHL game played here. So the talk about how much tickets need to be or hey we sold out a game again is just talk - means little to me at this point. I agree with (Goyotes?) whoever said its more fun to be at the game with 15,000+ fans than to be there with only 10,000 fans. But I sit low enough in the upper bowl that I can ignore the empty seats behind me and keep my eyes on the ice and somewhat ignore the empty seats in the corners downstairs. Even when I get up to walk around between periods, I pretty much can ignore the empty seats at those low attended games.

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