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02-19-2013, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by roccerfeller View Post

Nice research into the OP, btw. I think some of the Thrashers fans such as videofarmer have a great pulse on that part of the franchise's history so I am privy to leaning on their side of the discussion regarding draft decisions
Agreed. OP was very informative. My only contention with it would have been that rather than finding the most successful guy(s) drafted after the Thrashers, I'd bet there are a lot of other picks that were less successful. The draft is an educated guessing game. Every team has a dud every now and then and really looking over the long term history I think this franchise is doing relatively well. Especially considering Atlanta management's trend of putting guys in to the league earlier than might have been beneficial. That aside the drafting to me looks awfully productive, aside from 2003-2005 (no first rounder in 07).

First rounders for the most part look awfully nice to be honest. Obviously Heatley had his issues and Kovy wanted out but if you pull only the good years you end up with:

00 Heatley
01 Kovalchuk
02 Lehtonen
06 Little
08 Bogosian
09 Kane
10 Burmistrov
11 Scheifele
12 Trouba

Aside from that bump in the middle 03-05 and no first rounder in 07, I sure do like the looks of that. 9/13 success rate (presumed on the last two). Bogo-Kane-Burmi all at age 21-22 and contributing in positive ways? Little playing solid. I'll take it.

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