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02-19-2013, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
Then where are they supposed to make their revenue besides gate? The Coyotes currently pick up part of the TV deal, naming rights, merchandise, food & drink at the game, and gate. Yet this still isn't enough to be close to breaking even.

In order for this to work pricing will have to be raised substantially and not just at the gate.
The US three big brothers all have substantially greater TV revenue. I think part of the NHL's plan was to expand the footprint to non-traditional markets to chase the TV revenue $$$. It has worked, but with only very limited success. The problem is that outside of Canada, even in strong US NHL markets, hockey is pretty much a fringe sport that is facing competition that will relegate it to #5, 6 or 7 in strong US markets over the next 20 years as soccer and extreme sports grow more popular with kids.

The NHL needs to figure out a way to make hockey better on TV, or to at least command 2 or 3 Xs the TV revenue it currently produces. When NBC is talking about being happy with a 1.5 share for the weekly NHL game, you have to be concerned. I suspect golf does better than that most weeks.

Face it, the NHL has problems as a league that go well beyond the Coyotes experiment.

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