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02-19-2013, 02:20 PM
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In the "No ****, Sherlock" category... the optics for relocation pertaining to Seattle (NHL) will be more clear once the March 1 deadline with the Sac Kings comes and goes.

Again, I understand the urge and eagerness of the folks in QC, GTA (including Hamilton) that this franchise is ripe for plucking and relocating but also, find the understanding enough to realize that the Seattle situation has symmetries that do seemingly place it at the top of the list.

* Hansen stands to lose $80M from Seattle towards the Arena if there's no NHL team.

* The League will want to keep it's "US TV/Broadcast Footprint" integrity

* Understanding that we all agree that Key Arena is not "suitable" for long term temporary housing, but it is short term anyway. So as "ugly" as Key Arena may appear to you, me, QC, Hamilton, Markham, etc. it is still an exceptable temp home per Bill Daly. Suitable to the new owner? Short term pain, long term gain?

* League will prefer to extract expansion monies from GTA/QC rather than a relo...

So again, for about the fifth time... IMO if the NBA nixes the Kings sale to Hansen or gives no promise of expansion to Seattle in the next 2 years then yes, definately QC should take receivership of the franchise if they are being relocated.

It is my understanding that per the Hansen/Seattle Arena Agreement, they only need the guarantee that a franchise is coming, thru either scenario, for it to proceed. And if my understanding of the verbiage in the Agreement is accurate, it states NBA or NHL pertaining to Key Arena usage. Based on that interpretation, if the NBA awards expansion and gives it a timeframe on when, then it is plausible that an NHL team (in this case the Coyotes if being immediately relocated) can play in the Key while the main one is being built.

Certainly open to correction and/or ridicule if my interpretation is incorrect.

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