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02-19-2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by dammit100 View Post
Sadly, some of those ignorant morons are in positions of influence (looking at you, Damien Cox), and while they're not really worth ANYONE'S time, they do shape opinions.
We'll always have to hear that type of moronic ignorance.

Those are the idiots that will complain no matter what happens. There could be another ice age that comes down to cover Raleigh, but we would still not be a 'true hockey market' because it's still a couple of degrees warmer down here. No matter how many Stanley Cups we win, no matter how many players we put in the HOF, we'll never be good enough. We could become so popular we need to build a 40k seat arena that sells out and has 20 year wait lists for tickets, and there'd be some excuse. "The NFL has 80k seat stadiums and is more popular. The NHL is a failure in Raleigh because you only have a 40k seat arena." The Canes could be in Raleigh for 100 years, but we'd still not be good enough because we haven't been around for 200 years. We'll simply never be good enough for those who live where apparently every person is taught how to play hockey on a frozen pond in the womb before they are ever born.

Back on topic, WalkerBabe I agree 100% that the broadcasts this year are 'Mickey Mouse', and they obviously did go the cheap route to get someone with less experience. That's pretty much exactly what I've said already. And it does reek of how JR has handled filling the holes in the roster. But I guess the difference is much like that some people hate LaRose because he keeps getting put in the Top 6, while I and others get upset with JR for giving us a roster where he has been needed there.

That said, most of us seem to recognize that Chantel has improved. No, she isn't where she needs to be yet. We can all agree to that. Maybe she will improve to be as good as we'd like. Maybe not. Maybe they'll shift her into more just doing little bits like the Toronto War Room that she has done a much better job on, and take her off reading the scores. Maybe she just needs to be put in the right role for the team.

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