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Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
Uh, I'm not sure I follow you. Those markets are not proven, they couldn't support their teams enough for them to stay.

I still don't see why Seattle is a better market. I actually don't see why any of these places are good markets since nobody is equipped to take an NHL team and wont' be for quite a while.
Well back in 95, the can$ was about .65U$, there were no salary cap and there were no revenue sharing. At the time, QC mayor didn't want to build a new arena, Quebec PM didn't want it either. It was a perfect storm. But it had nothing to do with "market not supporting the team".

Today, the new arena is being built (with a 100 corporate box vs about 20 in the current arena), the dollar is at par, there is both revenue sharing and salary cap and both the mayor and elected provincials are on board. The old arena can be used while the new gets done too.

If Seatle was to get a relocating Coyotes franchise instead of QC it would be scandalous.

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