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02-19-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Habs got annihilated by the Leafs in the 6-0 game, the Sens game was kinda goaltending and shoddiness, the Bruins game was clean, the Sabres game was sloppy all over the place but no goonery... I just don't see in the division where the Habs are actually getting losses because the other teams are tougher. Yeah, the other teams are tougher. But if we had Kassian code-fighting Orr and Scott in those games, I just don't get how it changes the outcome. It maybe gives an added entertainment dimension, and/or takes some of the sting off the insult of the Leafs humiliation, but that would be a pretty hollow victory in the midst of a shellacking.

I don't see proof of *need* for an enforcer in those divisional losses. It might just have given us some kind of minor vengeful satisfaction in the midst of some of them? Which is ok too. I wouldn't mind being entertained more in that fashion, especially in the midst of otherwise miserable games. I just don't think I'd want to sell it as anything but that.

More like, a 10-4 record suggests that an enforcer is far from a *need*. It's a subjective want, for some.
Two of our defeat against the Leafs and Sens(first game) was grit-related. We won more than a few at the start cause of our PP and we faced teams since then that were a free-fall whether it's the Flyers or the Sabres and we won because we have good momentum. I just worry that when it's going to really count against a team that takes it to the body, we're gonna have a difficult time. When games are a little soft, Habs are flying. But that's always been the case. Remember when we finished first when Carbo was coach. It was a great season and the Andrei-Plek-Kovy line was incredible. We rellayed on our speed and on our PP. Then we faced the Flyers in the playoffs we neutered our PP by being intense and took it to our D and there was Mike Richards going after Subban and so forth. Habs seemed shaken all series, Price was nervous as Hell. Habs had no mental toughness, Flyers had all the intimidation.

I've seen the Habs using their speed before and it has not worked. I want them to go into a place and tear it up, just not cause of a good system and a few lucky goals, I want to them to go in there like warriors, knowing you can put the fear into the opponant physically. That will only be accomplished if we're less small and have a intimidating fourth line, not with Moen and Armstrong. Same thing with our D, if we could gain in size.

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