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Hockey started very early for me. Learned to skate when I was 4 or 5, and played in an organized league from 6 to 14. I was both a goalie and a player, but I switched to player permanently, when they started raising the puck over my head (I was short).

I wasn't the best player, but I enjoyed the sport immensely. Then first year peewee started. Also first year of contact. I was about 5'0 and 95 lbs. Some of the players were already filled out and were basically man-children. As the story goes, I was basically crushed every game. I was the smallest out there and not the strongest on my feet so naturally, they were gunning for me the entire time. Needless to say, I didn't have a good year. The next year during try-outs, I realized nothing was different... I was the same height, same weight, and same skill level. There wasn't a non-contact league to join in my city, so I was stuck. I asked my dad what he thought. It was then they decided to pull me out before I got seriously hurt (which wasn't at easy decision for either of us). It turned out to be an okay decision as I excelled quite well in other other sports.

Fast forward to 28, I suffer a stroke while playing volleyball. Carotid artery was damaged from cracking my neck. My sense of balance was all out of wack and I couldn't walk. After months of rehab I started getting better. I started walking with a walker, then with a cane, then slow shuffle, then normal speed walk. After about 6 months, I could run and was about 95% back to normal. I couldn't return to the court, and the thought of volleyball was just too scary for me.

During Christmas that year, I stepped on to the ice for the first time in years and found I could still skate. The passion for hockey was back. Over the next couple of years, I starting playing pickup and more outdoor hockey. This year, I finally joined a beer league. I'm still rusty, but I'm now 5'10 and it's a non-contact league, so it's a lot different than my peewee days.

My dad is quite proud of me as he thought I'd never get back into the sport. My dad is a hockey fanatic. Has played AAA and University, so he was quite good back in the day. It was tough for him to pull me out of peewee, but I realize now it was the right decision at the time. I now go back home and we play on the same D line during his rec games. He's 67 so I don't know how many more years he has left playing, so it's nice that I could get out and play with him a few more times.

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