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02-19-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
Having a 6'5" C would be a great thing to have. Heck a 6'5" winger would be great, but if he was able to continue to improve his skating and was able to play C, like you said a 6'5" C would be nice.

Looks like the Ice Caps are in tough to make the playoffs, so it might be Memorial Cup or Jets if he's playing this spring. Won't get the chance to play on the Jets if the Bronco's go all the way though.

If the Jets are officially out of it at the end of the season though, it would be interesting to see him play some games.

On another note, what's the status on Telegin?

Not entirely sure how the dates line up , but JR playoffs start sooner , therefore depending on well SC does , there may be games left for the Ice Caps. Like you mentioned , I have also said depending on how the Jets are doing , there may be an opportunity for Lowry to get in a few games at the NHL level. That would be a good thing imo , to get his feet wet if the Jets are realistically done.

As for Telegin , I think it was RR that was saying that in the conversations he has had with Keith McCambridge , Telegin's name has never come up this year fwiw. Meaning that it isn't a positive regarding his prospects.

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