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02-19-2013, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
He looked a little better on Sunday IMO.

What I see is a conditioning thing. He doesn't have that second step to his game and his stops and starts are too long. Gross wrote up a piece on him about 10 days ago and Brad was quoted as saying that there are nights he doesn't feel in game shape.

Many have mentioned how cerebral a player he is and how he can get away with not having the greatest physical attributes on the ice - and I agree - but only to a certain extent. He has found himself in tight situations where he normally buys himself a half-second more (and thats all he needs) to make a play, instead he gets knocked off the puck or doesnt get a clean pass or shot off.

Its getting there though, and I think veterans like Richards rely heavily on camps to prime themselves for the season. We are 5 weeks into the season now so it should start to come around.

Like a lot of fans I get worried, but its understandable considering his age. I feel like Brad is the type of competitor that will will his way through this.
hit the nail on the head there, thats probably the most level headed and non ridiculous statement anyones made about richards in a long time, and i couldnt agree more. hes a guy thats always relied on his hockey iq and its not like he lost half his brain cells overnight, hes never been a fast guy or a physical players but he needs to be in top physical shape to get himself into the positions to make plays, and hes not getting there right now, but im totally confident he will be very soon, like you said were 5 weeks in the rust should start to fall off pretty soon just like it would in camp.

also for those who want to buy richards out, who do we sign in the offseason? millers not going to be ready to be a #1, stepan would be a poor mans #1 and if perry makes it to free agency which i doubt he will hes going to get a hell of a pay day. The islanders just traded a 2nd to put more $ on the cap, some team will likely be in the same position in a few years down the line, and a seasoned vet like richards would be a great addition to groom some young players, and also add his high cap hit. also buying him out just after signing him will give the team a bad reputation, guys are going to rethink singing a retirenment contract with us, just to be bought out a few years later because putting up 65 points apparently isnt enough around here.

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