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Originally Posted by jetkarma View Post
Not entirely sure how the dates line up , but JR playoffs start sooner , therefore depending on well SC does , there may be games left for the Ice Caps. Like you mentioned , I have also said depending on how the Jets are doing , there may be an opportunity for Lowry to get in a few games at the NHL level. That would be a good thing imo , to get his feet wet if the Jets are realistically done.

As for Telegin , I think it was RR that was saying that in the conversations he has had with Keith McCambridge , Telegin's name has never come up this year fwiw. Meaning that it isn't a positive regarding his prospects.
Due to the unknowns about how far the junior team might go, I just looked at the end of the Memorial Cup as a rough guide. It's May 16-26.

The last regular season games of the Jets and Ice Caps are in April.

So lot's of variations there (Bronco's get knocked out early / don't make playoffs, Ice Caps do make the playoffs, Jets are out of it in April, etc).

Too bad about Telegin's year. Hopefully he can bounce back and have a good year next year.

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