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02-19-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by hek View Post
He'd have to if the Avs are going to take a Liles like defenseman in return for O'Reilly.
Comparing Liles to MDZ is not a good comparison.

Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
I disagree, I think if this is the deal that happens, it will be something like that.

MDZ + Miller for ROR + Obyrne + 3rd.

Its already been rumored to be MDZ + Prospect for ROR, Miller would be the type of guy the Avs would want.
It was also rumoured that Sather balked at the "+". I don't see him balking at the counter and then accepting it.

The minor difference in value from MDZ and ROR, isn't a prospect like Miller. Miller for O'byrne doesn't work for us either.

Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
Well, let's be fair, MDZ is more than just a "Liles-like" player.

But I would certainly hope that Sherman would want more on top of it. I want Sherman to get the value he and his team have decided that O'Reilly is worth in a trade.
Some Ranger fans would like ROR+ for MDZ. Doesn't mean that's his actual value. Doesn't make them right either. We all want to see our teams get maximum value, but with all things considered, you have an unsigned player who's only had 1 50 pt season under his belt and is barely outproducing MDZ in his career.

Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
Rangers window is wide open for this and next year (Gaborik contract). Adding a player like O'Reilly would make Rangers much more equipped to go up against Pens and Boston. Don't for a second think this is lost on Sather. If that's enough to get him to make a deal is anyones guess and it depends on a lot of things, but O'Reilly is pretty much a perfect fit on the Rangers. They have a coach, GM and a fan base that loves skilled blue collar guys and that's what you get in O'Reilly. In a year, he'd be as popular as Callahan.
I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ROR, enough to move a guy like MDZ for.

Richards - Stepan - Boyle/Miller - Halpern

ROR would solidify the spine of this team. We have Staal and McDonagh who are ultimately superior to MDZ on the left side as well. Doesn't make him expedible, but for the right guy I wouldn't hesitate. Imo, ROR's that right guy. He reminds me a lot of Callahan, and I think the two players combined would wreck havoc against the big boys in the league. Ultimate two-way shutdown line that can produce offensively as well.

Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post
With all this talk about Michael Del Zotto I'm going to have to watch Rangers games just to see what kind of player he is. Rather form my own opinion then agree with the Liles comparison or the no. 2 defender projection. If we can get someone like Miller or Kreider on top of MDZ then I can't say its a bad trade.
You might like MDZ enough to say to yourself, this isn't a bad trade straight up. Hope you watch more than 1 game though.

Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
They play Montreal tonight. I know I'll be watching.
Rooting for NYR? I hope so

Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
He's a perfectly capable puckmoving defender. Incredibly deft with the puck and as good a PP QB as you could ask for. Yeah, not great in the defensive zone, but it's not like he's Sandis Ozolinsh bad.

Is he a legit top-2? Hard to say since he's never really had to be that guy in New York with Staal, Girardi, and McDonagh doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I truly believe he's a legit top-4 guy, and really, I think he'd do fine alongside EJ if that's where the Avs chose to put him.

On a side note, it sucks so bad that Sauer is STILL suffering from PCS. With him and McIlrath in the lineup, the Rangers blueline would be one of the most talented and toughest in the league.
A lot of people credited Sauer to McDonagh's success his rookie year. Sauer is a terrific player to have on your blue-line. Smart, physical, and defensively sound. He plays mistake free hockey. Hope he can make a comeback, but doesn't look good. He's still having PCS.

MDZ is not a #2 right now in his career. He's a second-pairing dmen though. He's made giant strides defensively. Terrific outlet pass, and an ideal PP QB. He's starting to shoot more which is what we've crying for. Decent shot, nothing crazy.

He's not a nightmare defensively. Not even close. Anyone who's watched MDZ would say he gets the job done on the back-end. What's promising is the edge he plays with. You don't see a lot of Physical, Gritty PMD in this league. You have that with MDZ. He plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I don't think Liles is a very fair comparison, they're a little different. He's a little bigger and stronger than Liles so he doesn't have as big a problem containing NHL sized players. He also has a physical and a bit of a nasty element to his game that Liles never had.

He's also more of an outlet passer than a pure puck rusher like Liles, and seems to have a harder slapper, and a more accurate wrister.

He may not be a defensive stud, but he's more than just that soft one dimensional PMD like Liles.
This sounds like a Rangers fan giving his analysis on MDZ. It's scary how accurate of an assessment this is. Closet Ranger fan, Foppa?

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