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02-19-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
I hear what you're saying. Would just point out that there is no requirement that it happen "next year".

When it comes down to it, is as good a temporary facility as Key Arena.
Bear in mind that I'm firmly in the "I see the League waiting one more season" camp, but if push came to shove... is Glendale as good as Seattle in that regard? Again, if Seattle is the landing spot?

I guess it would depend on the lame duck aspect. Will the fanbase turn out or turn away for the farewell? What impact would there be on revenues staying versus going? A down tick if the Jobing faithful stay away, uptick if they show up for the last hoorah? Conversely, given what... about 10K being plausible for attendance at Key arena, at equal to or greater than average ticket prices currently at Other new revenue streams (signage, board adverstising, other corporate sponsorships, etc from a broader corporate base than current at the Job)? I guess it could go the other way too, as it all could be "priced to intice".

Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Which brings the effective price from $170M down to $90M.
How so, Dado? Not understanding your intent with that statement.

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