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02-19-2013, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
I'm personally of the opinion that very few leagues should have gone with the chances except the ones closest to the NHL.I hate the fact that parents had to buy new goalie equipment for a kid that will never see the NHL or even CHL hockey, simply because a corporation decided on a different size.

As a goalie, I don't really see what you could do? 10" width pads? Make measurements of every goalie's Ankle to Knee and allow pads pertaining to those sizes?

My personal opinion is to just make the net slightly taller and slightly wider. Slightly taller since the butterfly has made low goals impossible, and slight wider to make a goalie's butterfly not possible to fully cover the bottom of the net.
Something has to happen, and I would prefer it be some pretty radical changes to goalie gear as opposed to increasing the size of the nets.

The NHL has to FINALLY address this issue once and for all. If it requires a R&D investment and collaboration with all the equipment manufacturers, then so be it. There needs to be a generational change in this area, not a cm off from the leg pad and a cm off from the glove. There needs to be a total 100% paradigm shift - equipment is for protection, not clogging up the net to stop pucks.

They can easily cut the leg pads back to their original 10". Goalies might have to wear a new type of shin pad under the traditional goalie pads to make it work, but it can easily be accomplished. If they sent a man to the moon, they can damn well figure out a way to get the leg pads back to 10". The blocker has lots of room for improvement as well.

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