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02-19-2013, 03:35 PM
ginner classic
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Originally Posted by cobra427 View Post
Perhaps Burke's coaching has helped Smith improve. Smith has some injury issues earlier in his career and it is not unusual for goal tenders to not peak until they are 30ish. It is true that Schneider has had a path with less bumps in the road but he has been on a great team with tons of talent, and no pressure, that has been all on Luongo. Lets see Schneider, carry the load, be the starter for a year and play well in the playoffs. Smith has done that, granted only once, but it is one more year then Schneider. Maybe we just disagree, I don't see Schneider as being more attractive then Smith, not today.
We've also never seen Schneider repeatedly fail. It's never happened. We've seen Smith be succesful in one season.

I would be shocked if there was a single GM in the NHL that did not rate Schneider over Smith. Totally shocked.

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