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Originally Posted by idk View Post
Then why trade for him in the first place?

I believe it's been said that ROR wants five million. I don't recall hearing him only wanting five million from the Avalanche, nor do I recall any talk of problems with the organization itself (outside of the fact they won't pay him what he thinks he's worth). If you're trading for ROR you're going to be paying him around five million per or he's just going to hold out on you too.

The only way I can see the price for him going above a first and a second is if the other GMs start a bidding war for him. As you point out the GMs are reticent to break away from the bridge deal system, so I really doubt a bidding war happens in that case.

For the Avalanche it's a matter of market economics. If all the GMs know they will have to pay ROR about five million, and they know that the Avalanche will not sign him at that price, and they know that they can have him at that price for a first and a second (and are willing to spend that price) then it'd be pretty stupid to pay more than that for him (unless they don't have their first and second picks - then they can't make an RFA bid for him...). It has nothing to do with the skills and abilities of the player.
Personally, I wouldn't trade for him. I am interested to see how it plays out and what kind of money he gets and what return the avs get if they trade him.

Avs could also be hoping another team puts an offer in that they would match and have an excuse for how he got more...i dunno. Either way, very interesting

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