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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
Dude I called out Nikitin for a poor game last week and you tried to take me to task, covering for him by telling me he was coming back from injury. Your biases are becoming more evident. Your tone isn't doing you any favors, either.
Nikitin was one of the best CBJ d-man in the Edmonton game and that was a common opinion on the Edmonton boards as well. I've mentioned his injury just as one of the factors that could affect his game, but he didn't need any excuses that time.
Speaking of Moore. I was saying a year ago, before the injury at the beginning of this year, and also lately - he sucks under pressure and shouldn't play big role on the team yet. He's good on the third pair, leave him there, let him grow.

Originally Posted by EDM View Post
DSL is accurate. Bizz you do seem to bend over backward to cover up Tyutin's mistakes (and there are many) but seem ready to pounce on everyone else.
I'm confused. You probably didn't read my posts. Even in Edmonton thread I've tried to defend JMFJ along with Nikitin. After the Phoenix game I defended Erixon. I defended Wiz when he was getting a lot of heat. Maybe that happens just because I used to play on defense and had some of the better coaches of my country as a mentors who were saying that most important thing for a defenseman is what you're doing without the puck. I look at the game differently and trying to judge defensemen by what they're doing on the ice in general, not only when they have the puck. Most of the posters just look at the amount of bad plays and make global generalizations, which is just plain stupid. All your problems with Nikitin, Tyutin, ext. seems to be their turnovers. Both last and this seasons Eric Karlsson was top-5 in amount of turnovers committed. If he played for the Jackets he probably would have been eaten alive on these boards.

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