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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
This begins with the non-compete clause the MTS Centre already has.
there is no non-compete clause. you must mean the clause where after arranging to invest $90+ million dollars into rehabilitating a major portion of downtown TNSE required that the the city not go off and invest in another major arena to directly compete with MTSC...

what kind of idiot would not have that guarantee in place?

Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
Perhaps TNSE should concentrate on running their new NHL franchise and its relationship with its AHL affiliate - both which are floundering.
I was unaware that either were about to go bankrupt. are you sure?

Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
So consider 300K homes that get the channel at $10 a month (where the Jets retain 70% of the net revenue; so $7 a month)
are you sure that TNSE sees any of that revenue. I dont' think they do, nor do I think they have anything to do with setting the fee at $10 a month. that's collected by Shaw and MTS to pay off Bell, not to forward to TNSE.

as for money grubbing disappointment, while TNSE was bringing the Jets to Winnipeg, some other guy was touring Seattle in a lame attempt to extort extra money from municipal goverments for a new arena. Many of those taxpayers do not care about hockey. Everybody in Winnipeg paying TNSE is choosing to do it, unlike th3 $350 millino plus that all residents of Edmonton are gifting to that guy there.

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