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Originally Posted by Herby View Post

Most teams centers are complimented by wingers as offensive forces, we will enver see that in LA. DL is going to use his draft picks, FA money and other assets on G, C and D so there is more pressure on getting elite production from the centers.

I think the Kings original plan was to have Brayden Schenn be that guy, then they ran out of time and or saw flaws in Schenn's game. They traded for MR with the idea they were getting the player that was dominant in Philly, not sure that player is ever walking through the doors again.

Now Carter could fit the mold as more of the scorer they want and Richards in a third line role would give the Kings the best centers in the NHL. But if that is the case they need to get a winger for Carter. I like Clifford as a player, but I think ideally going forward you look at him as the second piece of a damn nice looking third line with Richards, rather than a second liner.
Well the last Three Drafts have been heavy on the Forward side.

Vey was drafted as a Winger can play all three forward spots.

Tofolli is a pure Winger, the kid is not going to be a Center.

Pearson is the real deal, Another Williams type Winger.

That is some promising Wingers in the system.

They just need to continue to develop.

Ooop I always forget Kozun, the Kid is going to be an NHL winger. He may be small, but he plays BIG. Kid is bull in china shop down low.

Although that will lead to injuries.

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