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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Oh, I never followed drafts back then, but I guess you're right, he went that high in ATD12 and ATD2010 too.
The first 6-7 ATD are definitely not great example to follow. I alwasy concentrate on the last two-three drafts at most. We learn so much every draft that the older one gets obsolete rather quickly.

Originally Posted by BubbaBoot View Post
Even on the same line?

Can you imagine Orr and Shore on the same pairing? How would that work? What would Shore do if he were playing the Flyers of Orr's era and was called on to answer for his special style by one of those famed "tough" Flyers policemen?

Despite his reputation, do you think he'd alter his style a bit if he knew he'd have to go up against a 6'7" giant and get ragdolled and knocked into next week like the current Bruins tough guy did.....or would he bravely soldier on?
Yes, you need a lot of imagination in this draft. There's no method, but I try to simplify it the best I can: if someone was tough in his era, he will be tough in the ATD, good goalscorer in his era, good goalscorer in the ATD etc ... Not that complicated actually!


Is the next person to pick ready to make his selection? As soon as he's around I will select.

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