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02-19-2013, 04:38 PM
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I wasn't a big fan of Darche. Mostly because of Martin over using him and I wouldn't even be surprised if he was the rat of the lockeroom, to the coaching staff and the media.. just assuming though. But I still kinda have to respect the fact that until he started playing with the Habs, he never quit on his dream.

Not sure how I feel about him not accepting a two deal or turning now deals to play in the AHL or Europe. I mean, I understand that he feels he's payed his dues already. But I think he really over-estimated his talents. I wouldn't be surprised if even turned a two way deal to play with the Devils. A player in his role, his age, his 'talent' I can't believe he turned down a two way deal. Just makes no sense, he would have easily been in the lineup over Armstrong. But I think he let an ego get the best of him.

Anyway, he wasn't a core player, was a good role player. Sucks to see him kinda give up this time around. I could understand him not accepting a AHL only contract, but I think his experience could have helped alot of guys out.


On another note. Grigorenko, scratched again. Not sure how well or how bad he's doing... but healthy scratching the kid on a average Sabres team, means he wasn't ready to begin with.

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