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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Maybe rambling on here but i think this is the way we at HoH are supposed to conduct our comparisons between eras. Be it offensive capacity, or size of the players. It's the only reasonable way.
I think of it this way...

Modern-day rink... modern rules... players have equipment and size and skill they had from their best season(s)...

Not much different from that HNIC intro with Orr transposed into today's game...

Because really I don't think anyone is unfairly hurt by that... you can argue "modern" guys maybe have advantage... but the most recent peaks we talk about are almost exclusively late 90s... Weber is only guy draft I think who would be entirely out of this era...

And most importantly everyone is equally disadvantaged... Lidstrom has to play next to a guy with 1930s tube skates and wood stick... Joe Malone has barest and oldest equipment of all and has to take pass from Cournoyer

Goalies are the same... okay maybe 2013 goalie with all that equipment is unstoppable against early players... but what goalie has been drafted yet or will be a starter that had his peak at this time... Brodeur is most recent of them and his equipment is not stupidly big... and he has to still have a D from 1940s defending in front of him

Bottom line we're talking the best ever... I can see problem if we expect bubble guy from 1890s going up against even a bubble guy from today... but you would think and we try to prove Malone has best goal-scoring skills ever and would do as well against 1960s 70s 80s 90s goalies as he would against those from his time.

Now does my "system" bias itself to peaks... probably... but I think again it balances out... if a player had three-season peak out of nine years we know he has maybe only "best" form one out of every three games. Along those lines. Same with injuries.

I don't know just my thoughts

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