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Originally Posted by Sportserie View Post
I totally see what you mean here. I have a friend from BC who of course has talked about the Vancouver/Calgary rivalry. The Canuck fans often make fun of how silent Calgary fans are during games. You can hear a pin drop sometimes, they are so quiet but it's due to taking in the game. That are really that serious while watching the game because they care about the sport so much. They only get loud when something exciting happens. Otherwise, they are silently studying, watching the game.

In this case, the Flames fans are not remotely uninterested and without passion and care, just the opposite. I kind of think that's cool.

Oh, I definitely hate the "shoot" bit.
Originally Posted by Granlund 64 View Post
I'm very much similar to the fans in Calgary in that respect. I'm too busy paying attention to the game to boo.
I've always thought it like that as well. Similar to never hearing booing in college.

Originally Posted by Randy BoBandy View Post
There are times when I feel bad for the guys when the score isn't reflective of work the guys have been putting in and they get booed. They need cheering to get them going, not booing.

I think we should start saying score instead of shoot.
Exactly, and honestly that's what I believe sparked my topic here. When they are busting their butts and getting their oppurtunities yet the pucks aren't getting by, I HATE it when the crowd boos that crap. Totally displays lack of knowledge on those fans' part when we outplay and yet they still boo.

Originally Posted by tomgilbertfan View Post
If I paid for a ticket and the team is playing like crap you bet I'm gonna boo. I need to voice my displeasure somehow. What else am I going to do, some Bronx cheers? I'm more than ok with booing, it makes you look anything but "unknowledgeable" .
To me, in quite a few cases, that's exactly what it makes you look like.

Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
Booing just makes you look like an ass.

Originally Posted by Dampland View Post

Also, how many times do you see players get interviewed and they mention how they like to play in front of knowledgeable fans like in Minnesota. In many interviews, I have heard players say ... "they know when to cheer... penalty kills, etc., and they also boo us when we deserve to be booed."

So if the players don't see anything wrong with it, why should I.
I've never seen players get into being booed by their troops.

Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post

Maybe on the margins, you get players a tiny bit more motivated. But it's going to make Minnesota less appealing place to play for hockey players. There is a reason a lot of free agents avoid Canadian franchises - even when they are Canadian.
That's another thing I have an issue with; how many more elite players - never mind that, just solid NHLers - would want to come to a "home" area to be greeted by hostility? It's counterproductive, most certainly in that instance.

Originally Posted by Gaps View Post

Besides, the booing is disturbing and makes watching the game more difficult to me. That's another reason I hate it.
I am with you on this point as well, one hundred percent.

Originally Posted by tomgilbertfan View Post
The higher taxes?
Their dollar is stronger than our right now, but from province to province and state to state there are a number of variables that will go into it, as pointed out above.

Originally Posted by PuckInTheNards View Post
I've always hated it. It seems counterproductive to demotivate your team.

Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
i think some people are just so into booing now they'll boo anything. offsides, the first PP of the night where the puck goes out of the zone, etc etc. I have a higher threshold I guess. Speaking of passion and apathy, I think booing too often just pushes players toward apathy...They know they're having a bad game, they probably have the coach riding them, and the fans booing a ****ing offsides? Yeah, that's really going to encourage them to try harder. At best it just becomes white noise and doesn't register anymore.
But it makes the fans happy so there's that.

edit: also have to point out that the most frequent Booers are the same people who yell shoot every time the puck touches someone's stick on the PP. every. time. in my experience. so, basically, idiots. team deserves booing sometimes, and guys pass up shots too often, but it's like people can't even figure out what's going on...just boo.

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