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02-19-2013, 04:52 PM
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You guys and your structured runs

My senior year of lacrosse we'd just go laps around the lax field and the coach would simply tell us when to sprint and when to jog. Made it more fun.

Also did the Indian runs, btw. Killers were fun as well. We also had to do 30 reps of a small sprint in the wing area:

Stand on the sideline and sprint to the wing line, sprint back. It's 10 yards one way, and you had to run down and back and that would count as one. We had to do it 30 times in less than 120 seconds. Occasionally, if the coaches were pissed, in less than 100 seconds. Once we had 80 seconds. Might as well kill yourself instead of trying it.

EDIT: Fixed numbers, my math was off on what was a minute and a half. Oops.

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