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02-19-2013, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Parker McDonald View Post
How about make the net wider and taller, but take a few inches off the back. It's a goal when it passes the goal line. You don't need the net to be over a foot deep.

I'm definitely cool with this, but I'm concerned about how long it would take for the league to get a goalie who has adapted to this. I think every current goalie's career would pretty much suck after this. Also, the goalies for the next few years wouldn't be that good.
The goalies occupying that net would be brutal for years to come. This will increase the want for tall, big goalies. Goalies will adapt but it will take time. Until then players are going to have a field day. Everybody complains about lack of scoring, this change happens and everyone be complaining that their goalie can't stop a puck. You have no idea just how a couple inches here and there would completely throw off every goalie in the league.

Also changing the net size seems really tacky. It won't be skill making these goals happen, it'll be any player just coming down the ice firing a hard shot and scoring because the goalie cannot physically move faster then the puck or a pass a foot over to another player who would have a whole net to shoot at.

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