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02-19-2013, 05:43 PM
Can you like, shutup
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
So have I. Do we win a metal or some **** for being right?
I hope so.

So who cares? It's a little disturbing you are so worried about being wrong/right.
Worried? Hardly. Just an interested observer, s'all.

It also doesn't mean he is showing anything either like I've seen several people claim.
He did in his first game. The second, not so much.

He never played extensively on the fourth line. I'm tired of arguing the matter when MB broke it down and facts were facts.
When he played, that's mostly where he was, with a few stints in the top 9.

I honestly don't care to keep talking about him at the end of the year or next season.
I'm betting you will though.
I already explained how other prospects played in those roles and showed they weren't NHLers. Being obtuse is fun, right?
It's still a leap to believe that a die hard Tangradi supporter would come to that conclusion if he hasn't already, even if it's staring you straight in the face.

He wasn't even allowed to have a period of good play without being benched for ten or fifteen minutes and you are rambling about how he needed to earn a spot.

How can you earn a spot when you do enough to earn another shift, but get sat for an entire period anyway? Then people say you did nothing in the game. No **** when you get six shifts a game.
I already showed that Tangradi got just as much even strength ice per game time as guys like Adams and Asham. How does that happen if he's constantly benched for every little mistake as you claim? You make it seem like he played 3 minutes a game for us.

Do you even stop to read the BS you spew.

"Oh you showed me a thread that I claimed didn't exist, now find this so I can keep stringing out my vanishing credibility." Please.
Since you insist on making me out to be a liar, I'll just dig up my earlier posts and show you what was said.

From an earlier exchange between us in another thread:

Originally Posted by Jiggy
I watched both Kadri and Schenn a ton last year and they looked like garbage, mostly. You can dig up all of the busts threads made about them if you like.
Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz
Here's a thread from last year regarding Schenn, roughly 10 games into his career in Philly it appears. The general consensus was that he looked good in limited action despite dealing with injuries and not producing offensively.

Another Schenn thread a month later:

I'm sure there were a few morons labeling him a bust when he wasn't scoring right away, but those people are the minority. Most saw right away that Schenn had a ton of talent and it was only a matter of time before he put it all together.

I'll look at what the majority of Leafs fans had to say about Kadri later on if you'd like but I'm guessing it's more or less the same story. Needless to say that very few fans came into this season thinking Tangradi had shown glimpes of being able to develop into a top 6 forward.
Originally Posted by Jiggy
Schenn was routinely getting 14-16 minutes TOI a game and still struggling. He looked like garbage, not one of the best fwd prospects around.
Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz
An opinion not shared by most people who watched him play last season, including myself. Quite the opposite in fact. Flyer fans were very pleased with how he was developing. Your insistance to the contrary is based on a few alleged threads were somebody called him a bust, which I can't seem to find anywhere but if I did would probably have a bunch of responses telling the OP that he's an idiot.
So, to summarize:

- You claimed there were thread(s) about Schenn being a bust, and that you yourself thought he looked like gabrage.

- I respond by saying that I'm sure a few people had called Schenn a bust when he wasn't scoring, but that it would only be a few random idiots who are to be ignored and that the overwhelming consensus from Flyer fans even when he was struggling to produce and couldn't stay healthy was that he was extremely talented and it was only a matter of time before he put everything together.

- You respond by insisting that Schenn, in your opinion, had looked like garbage, and referenced more bust threads that had popped up.

- I respond by once again referencing the overwhelming positive support for Schenn's future prospects in Philly from their own fans, and say that if such a bust thread did exist, that it would be filled with people mocking the thread starter. That is EXACTLY to the tee what happened in that one thread you linked.

The thread was created because people were blasting Schenn on the R&T and prospects board. Just because you claim it wasn't happening, doesn't mean a damn thing. You claim no one said Schenn was a bust, yet anyone with common sense knows this thread was created for a reason. Keep digging that hole bro.
Now who's making **** up?

How many times do I have to point out that last season was when DB should of given him a chance and the minutes over washed up vets and waiver wire fodder.
Do you think the only time a player can prove himself to his coach is during a game? The coaching staff sees him play every day in practice, where he must have been just as underwhelming as during actual games. This isn't NHL 13 where you throw a prospect in over a veteran because they both have crappy ratings but the former has 'potential'.

He didn't want him on the team. The rumors and his actions made it an easy connection.
I'm not disputing that Bylsma wanted nothing to do with Tangradi, just the reasons behind it. He looked terrible for most of his time here.

What happens if BB continues to show glimpses of his potential, gets moved to the top 6 and becomes a fixture on a line with Sid or Geno? Will you finally admit that the reason Tangradi didn't flourish here was because of his own poor play?
I've defended way more prospects than just Tangradi on these boards. Unfortunately on the Pens board he was the sad obsession that crushed so many dreams. Hence the pathetic venom spewed all over him.
Seems like you're all bent out of shape because a few people called Tangradi childish names and are lashing out at the people who are justly criticizing his play. Yeah, can you stop doing that?

I've explained it ad nauseum. I'm not doing it again.
I must have missed that. What was it? Seeing as how you've repeated yourself on a million other things I think you can make an exception here, at the risk of looking like you're dodging a fairly straightforward question.

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