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02-19-2013, 05:52 PM
Only a 2 year window
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I think the more conservative approach is more likely to be what happens, specifically for the RFA reason. Those contracts are moving parts in the equation.

My guess is Pietrangelo is locked up before season's play is done; Shattenkirk will likely have to wait til after the playoffs but I don't see that guy wanting to go elsewhere and I think he'll sign a good deal before hitting RFA officially. Berglund is interesting because if we all remember he and Oshie came up for their bridge deals at the same time and Berglund signed his 2.1M/2.4M deal pretty quickly bcause he was focused on getting ready for that season. He basically decided that even if he could quibble up a few extra hundred K in the deal, it would delay getting the contract done long enough where it might be a distraction and that wasn't worth it. He figured, correctly, that the real money was in this contract that's upcoming and his performance in those two seasons would be far more impt than fighting (as Oshie did) to get a little more in a deal. As for Stewart, I feel I have the least read on how he'll approach a deal in the offseason. He could be anywhere on the spectrum from "I want to be a part of THIS team with THESE guys and I'll sign a good contract that people will say was a good deal for the team" all the way to "I just had my big rebound year, I need a big contract as a goal scorer, I need to get paid most importantly." Just don't have a feel for how that'll go.

So the conservative approach is likely in reality. Still, a lot of this discussion is "if so-and-so becomes available" and O'Reilly certainly qualifies as that. And he's so perfectly (as a player) a fit into the core of this team that it's very difficult to resist thinking up trade proposals that work for the Blues to get the guy.

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