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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Smith was known as somewhat defensively questionable when he was young, but improved in time. I know that because I found evidence of it and went after HO's team with that tidbit waaaay back in the ATD#10 finals. You can go check the finals thread for what I found...hopefully the link still works. His Vs2 scoring finishes are actually very similar to Rick Martin's, with a bit less longevity:

Rick Martin:
82, 75, 72, 70, 63, 62, 58, 51

Sid Smith:
83, 77, 73, 65, 64, 57

...though both guys were primarily triggermen and produced more goals than assists, so raw scoring finishes will underrate them somewhat (though their lack of playmaking is a drawback). Smith led the Leafs in playoff goalscoring twice in years they won the Cup, which is pretty nice. He's a strong pick at this point, and is definitely a viable ATD scoringline player, though he's not the only one still out there...
Thank You for that, and I will surely read ATD10 finals

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Just for reference, here are Herbie Lewis' peak Vs2 finishes:

Herbie Lewis:
93, 91, 77, 71, 70, 67, 50

I meant to comment on the Lewis pick when he was drafted because I think he was a very good value, but I wasn't around at the time. Lewis' offensive production is deceptive if you only look at his raw points finishes because both times he finished in the top-10 in scoring, he was only a few points from the #2 scorer, in spite of placing only 6th and 9th overall in the scoring race. If we want to talk about left wings who are real bargains at this point, the conversation should start with Lewis, who was also a strong two-way player.
Yes, Herbie Lewis was #1 on our list for that round, we can of knew he would never last. He is indeed an excellent selection in the early 300's.

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