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02-19-2013, 07:01 PM
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I agree with everything Deeshamrock said. Except that I just stopped being a fan period after that trade. All my friends and family give me **** for it, but the Kings have a Cup so ha. In all seriousness, I was just tired of rooting for a management who were too interested in the past and too hard on their developing talent, shipping out guys because they they didn't get to the top fast enough (Don't even get me started on the overwhelming pressure they put on their captains), and of course never developing defense or goaltending. I still go to Flyers games and I am so sick of seeing highlights for an era before I was even born.

They should be going after Bernier, but they won't, cause they just don't get it. The last goaltender the Flyers developed is the current assistant GM for the Kings.

I understand the admiration for Richards, too. Not particularly gifted but still great in every aspect. He was the first forward I was a big fan of (I was more interested in goaltenders) and to see him get **** on daily in Philly made me realize that I didn't want to be a fan of the team anymore.

So I guess that makes me a traitor, but I'm not too upset

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