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02-19-2013, 07:05 PM
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How do you know you are wayyyy too obsessed with Sim City? When you spend an hour completely re-building a large tile, 3,100,000 population city's subway system because you want to cut that damned commute time stat down by 5 friggin minutes.

But no really the subway system works a LOT better now. What I did was put all the stations on bypasses rather than just having them all on the line like they were. Subways aren't slowed down by intersections, but they ARE slowed down by going through a station that is overloaded to hell, and most of my subway stations in that town are used above 1,000%.

And it wasn't just 5 minutes I cut off the commute time, I outright halved it from 90 to 45.

So yeah, a little bit of an obsession, but worth it it seems.

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