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02-19-2013, 06:20 PM
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russianhockeyDOTde, thanks for the tip. Kartina TV also costs €15 per month in Slovakia, and I'm sure for TV fans, it's a great deal. I'm no TV fan, though -- if I watch, say, 60 minutes of regular TV in an entire month, that's already a lot. Like I wrote to ult recently, I find TV old-fashioned -- something for our grandpas and grandmas.

On the other hand, I use my TV set (46-inch screen) every single day, to watch Internet content on it, usually via Apple TV. I watch NHL GameCenter Live every day, and the picture quality is fantastic: 10000% better than what regular cable TV gave us for the Riga vs. Slovan game!

So, if I could watch KHL TV via Apple TV, that would be great. And I know it's possible to do that via Kartina TV, but I'm not going to pay €15 per month just for KHL TV... Right now, I pay €19.99 per month both for high-speed FTTH internet and dozens of TV channels...

I'd be happy to pay, say, €2.50 per month for a sports package where KHL TV would be included. My provider Orange is, in fact, selling such a package of sports channels, but KHL TV isn't among them. So I wrote to Orange, asking them to make KHL TV available. I'm pessimistic, however, that this will have any success , although if they were smart, it could be attractive for subscribers. The KHL is a hit in Bratislava/Slovakia, and the tickets for Slovan's first-ever KHL play-off game were auctioned off at €60 per ticket... Wouldn't customers be (more) likely to pay €2.50 per month for a sports channels package if KHL TV was also included? Of course they would.

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