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Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
I would figure they would both be paying each other.
Well your assumption was more correct than mine was.. I assumed the teams got paid by the stations..

Keep in mind it's not just hockey, either.. it's basically all minor league sports that have to pay to have their games aired..

Not sure how it works at the major league level.

I think some AA teams don't have radio. If I recall Greenville doesn't or didn't. They just went through B2/America One. I think Cincinnati did the same exact thing. That meant you could only listen through your computer.

Way better option (cost-wise)... The radio stations want well over $1k/game.. and then for road games that end out of the time zone, they were really worried if you're gonna run past 11:00pm or whatever time the news broadcast was on.. I think they have a legal requirement to broadcast the news under the terms of their broadcasting license..

I spun my wheels for awhile meeting with radio stations, then instead got us a tape-delayed TV deal (instead of radio) with a local TV station that wasn't too high powered broadcast-wise, but they were on Time Warner Cable all over the city.. We got some good broadcasters, including a guy who did NHL games for Fox once in awhile.. and most importantly the financial aspect was spectacular for the team..

So knowing what I know now, I don't blame hockey teams for doing internet-only broadcasts... whereas before I knew what I know now, I thought it was a joke to not have a radio deal..

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