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Originally Posted by Jill Sandwich View Post
Neely listed the amount of game releases as being a relevant factor regarding the success of a consoles, rather than the sales numbers of those specific SKUs. You concluded "high price/no games = poor sales". Both of these are somewhat irrelevant. Demand for product generates sales, not the availability of supply of product.

Price, and amount of games produced were not important, it was the desire for specific games that won generations. Even the data shown proves that hardware price is less relevant, being that Sony was more expensive than Nintendo and won the 5th and 6th gen.

Regarding WiiU, it will not matter if the WiiU gets a ton of games in quantity, it will only matter if it gets highly demanded games.

To go into more detail, there's a reason why the 7th generation is described as being a little closer than any of the previous three ... because despite it's the first time the software sales have been even comparable.

4th Gen:
SNES - 379m
Mega Drive - 175m

5th Gen:
PS1 - 962m
N64 - 225m
Saturn - 47m

6th Gen:
PS2 - 1,638m
Xbox - 271m
Gamecube - 208m
DC - 64m

7th Gen:
Wii - 842m
360 - 747m
PS3 - 649m

This is the first time a generation has even been close, and it's in the realm of possibility that the 360 limps ahead in its autumn years.
No I didn't.

I was only comparing system sales to system power.

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