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Originally Posted by Shellz View Post
I like how he brings up the safety of his family. Were you living in compton? Oh well. I moved on a long time ago.
I read the same quote but didn't necessarily understand it to mean safety in terms of physical well-being, though I guess that's what he could have meant. That Smyth himself comes from a small town in the mountains, is pretty religious, and generally old-fashioned, I'm not entirely surprised that he didn't mesh with Los Angeles, however.

But as others have said, in spite of his general good 'ol boy reputation around the league, I've always been weary of Smyth's motivations. Despite donning the C on a number of occasions for the Canadian national team, he never once captained the Oilers. That alone leads me to believe he wasn't as respected in his own room or by the coaching staff and management as the media would have us believe.
He sat out on the team before while negotiating a contract and of course infamously played hardball on an extension in 2007 with Kevin Lowe and ended up paying the price for it (say what you want about Lowe, but the man is a competitor and as both a player and manager wouldn't back down to anyone). None of those moves (not to mention jilting both the NYI and Edmonton again by subsequently signing in Denver, later demanding a trade out of LA, and finally pressing hard again in contract negations last summer) leave a particularly good taste in the mouths of most fans.

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