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07-12-2006, 07:05 PM
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New player Plz Help.

Hey guys well let me start by saying ive been a huge hockey fan since the preds came to TN. unfortunately growing up hokcey wasnt huge here obviously. i played baseball and was quite good at it but screwed up my future in high school. Being young and impressionable sucks sometimes . Anyways Im 19 now and my big bro is trying to get me into a begginners adult hockey league. Now i pick up sports pretty quick and ive already become a decent skater. Plus ive seen some people from the league and im not to worried about making a fool of myself. Some people from that league can hardly stand. But my question is my legs are sorduf weird and i think it seems to affect me when i skate. My friends and parents say its just an excuse but i wanted some people with experience to tell me what they thought.

Well basically i have some sort of "bowleginess". When normal people have their feet straight their knees are straight too. When i stand my feet point outward and my knees are straight. Putting my feet straight is uncomfortable to me. As my knees bend inward. So you can imagine trying to make my feet point in is damn near impossible. So, skating backwards to me is impossible it seems. It also seems to affect my stopping and crossovers just not quite as much. My question is has anybody played hockey like this as well and is this the reason i can't skate backward or am i just making excuses for myself. Sorry for the long post.

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