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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
This post is so hilariously all over the place, I have no idea where to start. I'll give it a shot, however.

I watch my hockey on RDS, and I'd use the gazette to wipe my ass if it wasn't so damn scratchy. French is also my mother tongue. I know you said you didn't care, but the tone of your post seems to indicate otherwise.

I really, really don't care if he was the french media's darling. I don't care about who gives what quotes. I care about who helps my team win. It's very nice that you attribute extra value to a hockey player because of how well spoken he is in front of a camera, but it means absolutely nothing. And I have nothing against Darche, he was an above average grinder for parts of his tenure here. But he was nothing more than that. His language, his quotes, none of those make him any more useful as a hockey player, and, *gasp*, that is how I tend to judge hockey players. On their hockeying. Cool? Cool.

You go on to say that you don't want to put him on a pedestal, but that's exactly what you're doing. When language, culture, race, skin color, religion start influencing your opinion of someone or how you evaluate their play on the ice, it exposes an ignorance that should be purged, not encouraged.
That coming from a mod... wow. You don't know me and shouldn't try to go down that path with me as I KNOW I have more knowledge on social issues than you... my degrees say so.

As for my post, you completely missed it by a mile. I never talked about Darche the hockey player, but Darche to spoke person (If I can say that). Yes, he was more important than his role on this team, period.

Again, I wrote that I wasn't trying to say if it was right or wrong that francophon players get more media coverage, yet you implied I was in favor... it's pathetic.

I also wrote that for most francophon fans he was important... again I wrote I didn't mean everyone and I wrote that I didn't care if you were or not... yet, you said I meant the exact opposite of what I wrote... again pathetic.

Again, for you to understand my post, I'll make it clear.
1. I don't care the language a player speaks when evaluating his play on ice.
2. I wasn't evaluation Darche on ice importance to the team
3. I was refering to his importance in the media and the fans
4. I'm pointing to the fact that he is more important than other marginal players because of that.
5. I'm not saying it's right or wrong... just that it is what it is.

If you want, I can pm you all of this in french for better understanding... and please don't ever insult me this way ever again...

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