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02-19-2013, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by HamiltonFan View Post
IMO, this is a huge obstacle to the long term viability of any Seattle team. Most, if not all, non traditional American markets rely on sweetheart arena deals to indirectly subsidize their operations. From what I understand, the group that wants to build the Seattle arena and own the NBA team doesn't want any part of nhl ownership. Any potential Seattle nhl ownership will not share in any ancillary arena revenue, and will actually be expected to pay fair value rent to the NBA/arena owners. In a saturated (NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS etc), non traditional American market, this is just another disaster waiting to happen. Having said that, however, I have no doubt that bettman will be able to find some sucker to own a team in the market.
Ownership in seattle should be not be a problem for the BOG and GB! Send in the clowns and the rest of the circus act starring Matty Hulsi, Greggy jamison. Sprinkle a little jerry rheinfart in and Seattle has the makings of wonderful ownership brought to them by the incomparable Gary Butthead! Seattle your problems are solved!

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