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02-19-2013, 09:03 PM
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After the crap we just watched....I'll post it again....

I'd rather see a bunch of kids who try every shift then some of our players. I also do not like a team of smurfs. I said years ago, pick one or two of Roy, Ennis, Gerbe nad there was one other player I can't remember, and trade 2 of them. I hate watching a small team get pushed around. If for no other reason, I'd trade Ennis.


1. I hate that J Hecht was brought back to this team. I HATE IT. Wake up call. Tomorrow, waive him. He does not bring anything to this team. I read it Zip, less goals are scored when he's on the ice...don't care. He's lazy, doesn't hustle, no contact, can't score.
2. Trade Gerbe for a pick. I love his hustle but he is so easy to push off the puck, he's on the ice constantly. He's no St. Louis, will never be.
3. Trade Stafford for a d-man. He's a yearly 20+ goal scorer, he has some value. We should be able to pick up a 3-4 dman for him.
4. Trade Leopold for a pick. Enough teams need d.
5. Blockbuster time. We haven't had a real 2-way center since Drury and before that Peca. Wow, what a coincidence, we haven't been a contender since Drury, and before we had Drury we weren't a contender since Peca was on the team. Face it, we need a shutdown center with size. It be nice if he was captain material but let's address the immediate need first. Yes, a lot to give up but I'm winning this from all the other teams right now.....Ennis, Sekera and 2013 1st for ROR.

There is nothing above I listed that is not realistic. It just takes a little balls right now. I go forward with this thought process:

1. Scott only plays against the Bruins. He brings nothing to the team. Actually, he earned everything 3 minutes into the first Bruin him for that but he's taking up a spot.
2. I'm going with the kids no matter what. That means McNabb is brought up to see what he's got. As well as whoever in Rochester deserves it in the forward ranks.

My team going forward:

Vanek - Hodgson - Ott
Foligno - ROR - ???
??? - Grig - Pomms (I want the kid to have a mentor)
??? - ??? - Kaleta

McNabb - Myers
Ernhof - Selzer
New Dman - Regher

I would not be opposed to trading Enroth too. He's not the future answer, he's too small. I'm sure there is also a small trade to be made to bring in another 4th liner. Bring up 2 guys from Rochester and let's see. Again, I'd rather watch guys hustle, not float. Let Miller know we are trying, and that several of the guys on the squad right now are not worthy...

Tommorow....hecht goes on waivers.

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