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02-19-2013, 10:49 PM
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the answer is go light

if you're not skating full blast, there is rarely incidental contact, and deliberate contact... go light

I play a variety of levels... the most contact being a top level "non-contact" league, where the ref's let things go a bit, and sometimes goalies will pull your skates if you're making a move by them...

in this league, you kinda expect to be pinned to the boards and sometimes squeezed out, but unlike full contact you never expect to be leveled, which sometimes you do... when people feel like taking liberties

in that league I wear my vintage cooper shoulder pads, and a more heavy duty set of pants (tacklas)

Shinny... I play with a group, who are incredibly talented, and we do play a bit physical, but never over the line, and we all know each other

in that group, I wear no shoulder pads and a lightweight pair of Warrior Syko's... I'm on the ice much longer, like 4 subs, and we play sometimes onwards of 2 hours depending on how the rink rats are...

that being said, I wear a lightweight vintage HT2 helmet, but I will wear a visor (had too many close calls)
no mouth guard (really only protects from impacts, not teeth, so full contact is where its really needed)
if I wear shoulder pads, they're 1974 cooper vintages
I use softie elbow pads most the time (Bauer one15s)

but I will wear decent shin pads... take a clapper or get taken into the boards awkwardly and you'll understand why those anatomical pads with hex gel makes your life better
I use One95's for those

as for gloves... you can get away with just about anything... but at the top league there is a bit of hacking people can get away with, so I usually like decent weight gloves with a good clarino Palm, yet with PU inserts

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