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02-19-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post

From every goalie in the world, we don't care what you think is exciting or not. Our job is to stop pucks. If we want to use the most successful goaltending technique then we're going to use it. Of course we want to be in position and look big, thats the point. Goalies realized "hey why should we make it easy on the shooter? Lets move out a bit and make it as difficult as possible to score".
To every goalie in the world. Stop taking the easy way out of your job. You want to make millions playing hockey then for the love of pete do something that truly seperates yourselves from each other.

You should be ashamed that these no name hacks come in to the league and threaten records. Brian Elliot is a crappy goalie.

God there's nothing more annoying than having some guy that played goalie in some dark corner of the universe come on here and defend them like he's some kind of NHL starting netminder. You can have as much padding as you want in your mens league bud, nobody is watching you. This is the NHL

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