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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
If it pleases you.

I agree with you on Burish. But the rest is just crap.

Patrick Marleau is one of the best goalscorers in the league. He carries the 'streaky label' but here's a great article done by Fear the Fin about how inaccurate that label is. Have a nice read: Besides this, you discount all the things Patrick Marleau does that aren't heralded, defense, zone entries, PKing, etc. But don't take it from me, take it from Mike Babcock: "To me, Patrick Marleau is a player that’s misunderstood and misrepresented. He’s a very, very good 200-foot player. Even when he’s not scoring, he’s one of the best penalty killers in the league. He was a great player in the Olympics. He’s just a quiet guy. Even when he’s not scoring, he still contributes in other areas that he never gets any credit for. He does a lot of other things well that as a coach, you really appreciate. It’s really, really unfair the criticism that he’s taken. If you really watch him carefully as an opposition coach, you appreciate all the little things that he does that gets you out of the ditch all the time. Honestly, he’s a much better player than he’s ever been given credit for."

Ryane Clowe isn't streaky, he's just not as good as you seem to believe. But despite his poor play this season, he's not "garbage". He still creates chances, he still moves the puck in the right direction, he's still an offensive weapon. We all make fun/bemoan of his zero goals, but in reality he's suffering from horrid shooting percentage. Very soon, he'll go off and score 5 goals in 5 games and we'll all celebrate how he's 'back', when his shooting percentages are just correcting themselves.

Havlat? An insanely important player to this team. He has great speed, the best hands on the team, and is amazingly creative. He adds another element to this team that no one else can do.

Galiardi? You mean the kid who's playing with Adam Burish and Andrew Desjardins? Wow, who can blame him for not producing!

Yeah, because shooting percentage is a great indication of 'heart'. Better start complaining about Thornton, Pavelski, and Couture too, because by your measure none of them have 'heart' either.

How are you measuring this 'heart' thing? Let me guess, is it offensive statistics? Well, just in case that's what you're referring too, I think Galiardi would have much more success producing offensive if he were playing with Matt Duchene instead of Adam Burish. Galiardi has looked good offensively when he plays with linemates with actual talent: He and Havlat created 4 scoring chances in the first period despite dragging along Adam Burish, most of them absolute beauties. He was an integral part of a goal scored by Couture when he took a shift when he and Havlat together. But yeah, let's expect him to produce like Jamie McGinn, who's given actual ice time and actual linemates. I'm ****ing sick of this argument; McGinn showed nothing here that wasn't the product of shooting percentages. He had no chemistry with any of our top-6 centers. That was that.

I honestly don't see what's the problem with this. He was holding the puck in the offensive zone and looking for a good shot. It's not his fault his 4th liner team mates were standing still oggling at him instead of moving their feet to get open for a shot or screening the goaltender.

I won't argue that he needs a benching for a game.

You are basically just following typical hockey narratives instead of actually looking at what's going on behind the scenes with this team, blindly following what the media tells you to thing. And we all know how much the majority of the media knows about hockey: squat.

What you just typed is the same old song and dance man, Ive heard all the arguments before. You spent way too much time and effort into this response. Your once again baseless comment about people not knowing about hockey smells of a superiority complex, just sayin. You just sound content, I want a culture change that doesnt include heartless marleau.

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