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02-19-2013, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Swedish GP View Post
What you just typed is the same old song and dance man, Ive heard all the arguments before. You spent way too much time and effort into this response. Your once again baseless comment about people not knowing about hockey smells of a superiority complex, just sayin. Your right you know better than anyone else.
You've heard all the arguments before, but you won't accept them, then? YOu repeat tired old narratives, and then won't even listen to thought-out, logical responses? That's exactly what I'm getting at. You're stuck in your ways, you don't have an original thought in that post. You just repeat stereotypes and can't even defend them.

You said Marleau's streaky. I proved he wasn't.

You bemoaned the McGinn trade. I explained context.

I explained that circumstances matter, and you wouldn't even hear that, like everything happens in a vacuum.

You accuse me of "spending too much time on my response". Since when is that a bad thing?

And lastly, you don't even address the actual content of my argument in your response. That's ad hominem. That's not arguing, and it's certainly not leaving me with the impression that I was wrong.

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