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02-19-2013, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Takeo View Post
Unfortunately, a QB that would magically make the Bills a playoff team is not out there this off-season. To expect to find that type of player is pretty unrealistic. The goal should be to upgrade QB to some reasonable degree and continue to improve the rest of the team around him. Smith needs a good offensive line to protect him and a strong running game to facilitate play action, both of which the Bills have. Smith has shown the ability to protect the football, something Fitzpatrick has never done. For that reason alone, he's an improvement. Nevermind his stronger arm. I'd like to see Smith for a mid-round pick, TE and CB in free agency, hybrid OLB at #8, and WR in 2nd round.
Agreed. Smith + a bunch of other players at key positions might get the Bills into the playoffs...but I'm not sure all the holes can be fixed in one offseason. There's a lot of need positions--I assume that your plan has the Bills re-signing Byrd and Levitre? If either of them leave, then you've got another hole that might need to be addressed in FA or early in the draft (If Levitre leaves, Warmack at #8 might become a possibility...though the value on guards that early is usually not that great)

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