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02-19-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Boreal View Post
Just curious since, we were on the topic of best places to watch a Jets game (not counting MTS Centre itself, or your own living room/basement), I would be interested to hear what everyone's favourite joints are.

Just for kicks, mine is as follows...

1) Metropolitan
2) Tapp's
3) Fox and Fiddle
4) Tavern United downtown

...I imagine the Shark Club will cause that list to rearrange a little bit when it opens.
Used to be 4Play. Disappointed that it closed, but the Met is an ok replacement.

Fox and Fiddle is a pretty good place. Calling it a pub is a bit of a joke, it's more like an Exchange District bar dressed up as a sports bar. Their wings are amazing though. Never really cared for Tavern, IMO the food is subpar and the layout isn't great. I know my brother is a fan of The Cheer in the Village, the few times I've been there for Jets games it seemed alright.

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