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02-19-2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
To every goalie in the world. Stop taking the easy way out of your job. You want to make millions playing hockey then for the love of pete do something that truly seperates yourselves from each other.

You should be ashamed that these no name hacks come in to the league and threaten records. Brian Elliot is a crappy goalie.

God there's nothing more annoying than having some guy that played goalie in some dark corner of the universe come on here and defend them like he's some kind of NHL starting netminder. You can have as much padding as you want in your mens league bud, nobody is watching you. This is the NHL
There's nothing more annoying then people who have never played goalie before and come in here and try to dictate to others what they have to do(sound familiar?). Anyways its not the equipment that helped out Elliot, it was the system he played in or maybe *gasp* he got better in the off-season. He wore the same equipment since the lockout so I highly doubt its that.

What goalies are threatening records that are no names? Goalies are allowed to get out in certain seasons, improve, and work hard towards their goals. An NHL goalies talent is what separates him from everyone else. If every goalie was the exact same as you claim then why are some paid more then others? If a goalie is so easily replaceable then after a few seasons a new goalie should take their place.

Goaltending is not as easy as just going down and hoping the puck hits you. The little kids that do get scored on often. Goaltending is 90% mental and 10% physical. There's so many things that a goalie has to focus on for one shot its incredible. Goaltending in minor hockey has become easier to play, however it has not become easier to make it into the NHL as a goalie.

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