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02-19-2013, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Swarez99 View Post
The problem is Goalies today don't really duel, its all positional, they block more than they save in today's game. They are taught just let the puck hit you. Rinne/Price for example have there best games when it looks like there not trying, when there are no great saves.

Part of the reason is the sheer size of goalie, since I was 15 every goalie I played with was over 6 foot, most in NHL are 6-2plus. So they will cover more of the net. Butterfly has taken over, again they are being taught to cover net, play angles, not use reflexes as in past. And part of it is equipment, its massive. Everyone knows it, you don't feel anything in any equipment anymore. This includes skaters, my shoulder/elbows are massive, nothing like my dads stuff.

As a skater I knew I could get into corner hard and wouldn't feel it, like goalies know if there playing angle and puck hits them they won't feel it, and it will be stopped. I really think a lot of equipment has to be re-engineered to just protect player. If that means smaller goalie pads/chest protectors and brings back more reflex's, goalie movement, more skill in net I am for it.
What you just wrote screams "I've never played goalie before". As someone who's played goalie and still does, I still feel every shot except for in the pads. Although even when I wore old school heaton pads when I was young I still couldn't feel it per se. You have no idea what goalies are taught, you only think you know what goalies are taught.

Thank you for bringing up Price and Rinne. I had a goalie coach tell me during a tryout that he didn't want to see any desperate saves, why? Simply because if you needed to make a desperate save it means you were out of position. What's so wrong with goalies being in position? It's very important to be in position or else everyone in the rink yells at you. Especially the coach that has never played goalie either.

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