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02-19-2013, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by groovejuice View Post
Yes he makes mistakes. No dispute. And I'm not sure which board you're reading, but on this one PK doesn't scratch his balls without criticism. Soupy's and Gorges gaffs are hardly mentioned, while PK makes a great play on a rush and gets criticized because the forwards can't anticipate.

It seems easily forgotten by many how with Markov out almost all last season, this kid was the de facto go to guy in all things D. And he was great.
Well, my comments are directed at the few who give free pass for everything. Your comments indicated that you are not such a fellow, so I apologize for thinking you were one of them.

I don't follow the media reports or their nonsense. I just evaluate what I see. His game is mostly excellent, but with significant room for improvement in areas. Should he achieve improvement in those areas, this guy could be a HoFer.

I think Jigger articulated it well. It's because if he eliminates those mistakes, the that will be the time he is legimately at the elite, perhaps even Hall of Fame, level. I believe he's very close to reaching that status defensively, let me make that clear, but still has some areas to improve, then we can legitmately mention him as on the level of a Lidstrom.

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